What is Yadnya Kasada Bromo?

Yadnya Kasada is a Hindu Tengger ritual ceremony that is held annually on the fourteenth day of the Kasada month. This ritual is a ceremony to express the gratitude of the Tenggerese people to Acintya and their Tenggerese ancestors, Roro Ateng and Joko Seger. The people of Tengger believe this Yadnya Kasada ritual will keep them from calamity and provide abundant livestock and crops.

This ritual has taken place since the 14th century, starting by the sacrifice of the eldest child or Roro Ateng and Joko Seger to the volcano to keep their promise to gods. That promise was made by the two while asking for offsprings to gods after their long marriage without being blessed with a child. Before throwing himself into the crater, he advised the people of Tengger to continue giving agricultural and livestock offerings into the mountain carter.

Prior to the ritual, people living at the foot of Mount Browo are busy with ritual activities in order to prepare the implemenatation of the ceremony. A month prior to the ceremony, the Tenggerese people have gathered around Luhur Poten Temple. In addition to being an evil-averting and thanksgiving ritual, Yadnya Kasada has also become a new shaman election ritual for every village in Tengger area.

In addition to throwing crops and livestock into the carter, the ceremony of Yadnya Kasada also features various attractions. Before the ceremony begins, the reception night of Yadnya Kasada is held by performing the dance of Nine Gods and of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. These dances that are considered sacred by the Tenggerese people tell a story of their origin. There are also other traditional dance performances.

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